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Become An Inner Circle Leader

A brand ambassador programme you could be a part of to help extend the Basis family!

​The Inner Circle Leaders Program was came to life with the vision to bring together like-minded women like you, to discuss specific topics within personal finance.
Each Inner Circle Leader is carefully chosen after she successfully goes through a certain criteria. Once she becomes an Inner Circle Leader, she can form her very own Circle within the Basis app and lead, moderate and run sessions within the Circle.Does this sound exciting?

Become A Leader

Know Our Inner Circle Leaders

Penny Wise and Pound Wiser! Safe space to share your stories - successes and failures, to learn how to speak the language of money, learn affirmations and build secure relationships. Community is meant to empower and heal - so here we are!

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Celebrating the unique and inspiring journey of tenacious women towards financial empowerment. A fun and supportive platform to share resources and learn about personal finances and investing.

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Your legit, easy-peasy, eco-friendly, complete, happy one-stop shop for all money matters and prosperity.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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A circle where we learn about Money Management, Investments and Financial Security. Empowering ourselves to take the right financial decisions at the right time. Come, let's ELLEVATE our lives!

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The circle name could have been enRICHer instead of enricHER, but when a woman decides to enrich HERself, she becomes rich already. And that's the whole point.

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This circle is for all women who are in search for direction on how to divide their earnings/savings into different types of investments.

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Being financially independent excites us all. However, what does it feels like to be financially empowered? Let's collaborate to build a cohesive space, where everybody gets access to most relevant resources and two way financial advice. HerMoney HerChoice!!!

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Let's take charge of our finances. Let's be unapologetic and learn a little bit every day. We are taking charge!

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Start an exciting and rewarding financial journey.

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Women should manage her own personal finances. She shall get access to necessary resources and the support system to give her the confidence to invest the money other way she wants.

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This circle is for all the women who wants to take control of their finances. Women need not and should not be dependent on males of the family for their financial decisions may it be investments, savings or creating wealth.

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What's as important as earning, to gain true independence? Learning how to manage income. Let's open doors to empowerment through hacks to monetary wisdom, channelize earnings and embrace financial freedom.

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Saving and spending sensibly is a habit that’s good for everybody. For women, financial independence isn’t just a matter of strength; it’s a matter of necessity.

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Alchemists, they say, turn any metal into gold. With the right investments you can grow your money and progress towards fulfilling your aspirations. Conversations on money and making dreams come true.

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When you have a goal in mind, it’s easier to avoid getting thrown off track. Create a goal or investing strategy and stick to it.

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Welcoming all Superwoman to our Financial group. Let's face it, we are superhuman in almost all tasks but a few paces behind when it comes to money - handling , investing and using the right instruments. Let's get together and change that! 

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The Roundtable gives a platform to ladies to connect and figure out how to adequately maintain their financial well being by keeping in mind their different priorities and goals as wage earner, caregiver, traveller, etc.

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Let’s break money matters together. A judgment free zone for women seeking to take charge of their finances, looking for a money mentor and trying to figure out how finance can be different for women.

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Never struggle with financial issues again. Ask for support and contribute your own special skills in our women-centric community.

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This a space where working women from across industries come together to discuss and understand managing finances which however personal needs open discussion, educational and right mentorship! We at Jeet, believe in success of our women folk through every aspect of life! By growth, by happiness, by Jeet!

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A place to learn, discuss and exchange ideas for being fabulous financially! Be it via savings, investments and/or through other financial instruments for building a sound and secure financial future.

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