FAQ & Support

Why is the platform only for women? Can I use Basis if I’m a man?

Women’s financial lives differ vastly from men’s and we believe that a platform dedicated to offering solutions curated for women is the only way to address the gap in the market. Women live longer, take more career breaks, have higher healthcare costs and get paid less - and thus require targeted financial services and financial advice. Men are welcome to learn on Basis, however, cannot participate in the Basis community. We’ve seen that when there are men involved, women tend to take a backseat for money matters. We hope you understand :)

What can I do on Basis and how do I get started?

Basis is a community and education-driven platform committed offer the best financial recommendations for women.

Getting started is straightforward! Once you complete a short sign up process, you can start by taking a Knowledge Booster on a financial concept, or start a discussion on our community. You can join Circles within our community based on your interest areas.

If you're looking for investment advice, check out the "Advisory" section of our app, where we will recommend mutual funds for you to invest in, based on your goals and risk appetite. We also have some calculators you can use to understand how much you may need to save. Finally, you can sign up for Basis First, a members-only subscription plan for personalised financial coaching!

Are there fees involved?

You can get started on Basis for free.

For a subscription fee, you can sign up for Basis First, our premium plan that offers personalised financial coaching from certified advisors, free masterclasses and other perks!

Why should I trust Basis? Is my information on Basis secure?

Basis is a SEBI registered investment adviser - which means we are licensed and certified by the securities regulator in India to offer you financial advice.

Additionally, we take data privacy and encryption very seriously. All your personal data is encrypted with best-in-class protocols and we don’t share it with any third party without your permission.

Lastly, all Basis team members are Basis customers. If we don’t think our platforms and solutions are right for us, there is no way we will offer the solutions to our customers.

What is Basis’ investment strategy?

At Basis, our investment recommendations are built around each individual investors needs, requirements and specific risk profile. Factors such as investment horizon, risk profile, investment value form the basis of the asset allocation recommendation. The asset allocation engine optimizes for risk minimization or returns maximization depending on the nature of the investment, that is, is the investment aimed towards general savings or towards a particular objective? Once the asset allocation is finalized, our fund selection engine recommends the best-suited investment against each recommended asset class and fund category. Qualitative and quantitative factors both form an integral part of our fund selection engine. The fund selection engine considers over 10 parameters before recommending a fund to invest in. Further, if an investor has a complex goal where they in addition to making an investment forsee large withdrawals from their investment portfolio. The Basis investment engines, run over 2000 simulations to test if the investor's portfolio can withstand both the withdrawal of capital and a potentially extreme bout of market volatility. This approach gives investors the insights and confidence that their investment portfolio will be able to survive rather extreme conditions and still aid in achieving their investment objectives. We look for consistency in results versus chasing returns.

Still have questions? Drop us a note at any time!