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Gen B Program

Basis is looking for Campus Champions to 10x our impact!

What’s in it for you, you ask?

🚀 The opportunity to work in fintech - the place to be today!
🚀 Continue your degree - implement your learnings from us, on campus.
🚀 Become a personal finance connoisseur - create your own financial network.
🚀 Learn to lead - we’re building this program together!
🚀 Get mentored by some of the brightest minds
🚀 Create change - impact thousands of women when you work with us.
     But mostly, it’s fun, it’s growth, it’s being a part of something exceptional!

Not On Basis Yet? Join Now!


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Financial concepts explained in a jargon-free manner through our in-app Boosters and exclusive webinars


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Connect with other incredible women, including experts in India's first community focused on women and money


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Get personalised money advice for investments, insurance and more! Take action towards building a financially healthier life!

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