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Basis was birthed by a woman who decided to take her own life’s learnings about personal finance and help a whole lot of other women, who probably didn’t have the access to the right kind of resources. Founder and CEO, Hena Mehta, was working at a start-up in Bengaluru when she decided to pursue her MBA at one of the most renowned business schools in the world. However, along with the opportunity, came the financial burden which she was unprepared for at the time. A simple lesson in the importance of investing early sowed the seeds for the idea behind Basis. 


In 2018, after her MBA was done, Hena started Basis with a rock-solid team and an even stronger vision to make personal finance accessible for Indian women. Identifying that women’s lives differ from men’s and their finances must be tailored to suit that forms the crux of Basis’ services today.

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Hena Mehta,
CEO & Founder
Bharadhwaj CN,
Software Engineer
Dipika Jaikishan,
Chief Investment Officer
Mayank Arya,
Software Engineer
Sushma Naik,
Editor-in-Chief & AVP Content
Anish Bajpai,
Front End Developer
Sandy Susan,
Graphic Designer
Harikrishna K,
UI/UX Designer

A sense of transparency, humility and ownership are what we believe in at Basis. The workplace is non-hierarchical with free-flowing feedback among teams. 


We are highly driven by data which shapes all our initiatives. At the same time, we are also story-tellers, looking out for real-life inspiration (it’s all around us!).


Our community comes first, no matter what. We have the customer’s best interests in mind while providing any kind of financial advice. 


Basis is a new-age workplace which gives you a chance to be a part of a great product, yes, but to also shape the lives of millions of women and create real impact. 

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