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Basis began with the vision of bridging the knowledge and trust gaps that women face while making and taking action on financial decisions. We are India's financial services destination, designed and built for women, powered by financial education and communities. 

Launched in 2019, Basis is building a future where women can make financially well-informed and independent decisions for themselves. Our platform offers contextual and simplified education on personal finance, safe spaces to discuss money and learn alongside a powerful peer group, and curated financial recommendations and products that FINALLY, work for women :) 

So no matter where you are in your financial journey, Basis will always be useful!


Get started on Basis today!

Meet The Team


Hena spent over eight years in FinTech both in the US and in India before founding Basis. She has a BSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from The Wharton School. 


Dipika has over a decade's experience with wealth management and FinTech in India, having conducted 1200+ financial wellness workshops. At Basis, she leads investment and advisory.


A full-stack developer, Mayank helps build the Basis app to enable you to learn, discover about finance and invest. An outdoor man, Mayank enjoys mountaineering and bike riding.


Reetam brings around eleven years of experience from the SaaS and FinTech space. He leads growth and analytics at Basis. He is a novice Zen practitioner, enjoys cooking and loves football.


Kajol is a Software Engineer at Basis. She has always been passionate about empowering women to learn and grow.  She enjoys singing and writing.


Anish builds the front end of the Basis platform to make investing a hassle-free experience for you. A die-hard Harry Potter fan and proud Slytherin he will fight you if you think writing code is not art.


Akshat keeps track of all the data and metrics to help analyse growth and make better decisions for Basis. He likes keeping life mysterious and believes in living life in incognito mode.


Shivanshi brings the Basis vision to life through powerful UX and UI designs. When Shivanshi isn't making the coolest illustrations and UX for Basis, she can be found in a quiet corner drawing and making illustrations for herself!


Tanya has spent the last couple of years building and engaging communities, she is passionate about understanding the importance of forming genuine connections. Tanya handles community engagement and partnerships at Basis


Tanay builds the front-end for web at Basis, creating a smooth experience across all your devices. Most evenings, he can be found on the squash court.. or playing on his guitar humming to Jagjit Singh or Pink Floyd.


The spark Adul was missing ignited the instant he created his first app as a developer. He’s now an Engineer at Basis, ensuring everything runs smoothly on the front end.  You'll probably find Abdul  at his desk, sipping his coffee while reading the latest headlines on Hacker News.

Sounds exciting? Join us!


We believe in transparency, humility and ownership in whatever we do. We are non-hierarchical and encourage free-flowing feedback amongst all team members. 


We are highly driven by data which shapes all our initiatives. At the same time, we are all story-tellers at heart and are constantly looking out for real-life inspiration (it’s all around us!). We believe in respecting one another’s thoughts and challenging status-quo.


Our community and users come first, no matter what.  Basis is a new-age startup which gives you a chance to be a part of a great product, yes, but to also shape the lives of millions of women and create real impact. 

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