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5 financial red flags to look out in a relationship

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Love may be blind but don’t let it rob you blind! We all do silly things when we fall in love – make googly eyes at each other, refuse to be the first one to end the late-night call, give each other diabetes-inducing nick-names –  the list of romantic tom-foolery is long.

No problem! Indulge yourself and you bae as much as you want, but stop short when matters turn from rose-tinted to greenbacks. You may feel that filthy money should never come between two soul-mates and we agree. Do not let money come between you. Walk, or rather, run a mile before committing to any relationship where you see these five red flags:

Does he borrow money from you too often

Everyone runs out of cash from time to time. You may suddenly find yourself in a situation where you do not have cash and have to pay the Uber guy or put in your contribution to someone’s birthday party in office. Borrowing in such cases can be ignored. But when it becomes a daily issue and the amount moves from a few hundred to thousands and more, then watch out. For a person to be unable to manage within his or her salary is a sign of financial indiscipline and immaturity. A committed relationship with such a person may not match your long-term life goals.


Does he offer to pay the bill when you go out?

I am all for gender parity. On dates, I would be happy to pick up my share of the tab. Going dutch is cool. But when a relationship moves past the early days’ phase, I do expect to be wined and dined on special days. However, if you are the one always picking the tab – whether at the office canteen or on a special date night – you may have caught a free-loader. Any man who fumbles for the bill and then gives up without a fight is one looking for a meal ticket. Run!

Does he change his job too often

Is there always a problem with his workplace that makes it impossible for him to hold down a job? Does he always seem to be having issues with his boss? Is he unable to keep a job beyond a few months? This one should be a no-brainer. He may genuinely be wronged on one occasion or two, but if he cannot fit in anywhere then maybe the problem lies within. Sticking with a person who cannot stick with a job is asking for a future full of uncertainty and financial confusion. Run!

Does his card get declined regularly

I have had my debit card declined once in a while – often due to a faulty machine – leading to immense personal embarrassment. So if getting his card declined more often than it is accepted and if he keeps whipping out multiple cards to swipe with the same result – it is possible he is a little short of funds. At best it can imply that he is financially disorganised and at worst it is a red flag you simply cannot ignore. Run!

Does he not have an emergency fund and calls on you to help out in a crisis

Did you get a panicked phone call urging you to transfer him some money to meet an unforeseen expense? Did it make you feel special that he chose you to bail him out in an emergency? Helping a friend in an emergency is something one should never shy from. Most friends would also return the money as soon as possible. So if he is making you feel ‘special’ too often by seeking your help in too many situations without any sign of repayment, your sixth sense should start tingling. Think about it, would you entrust your future to a man who cannot take care of his own present? Run!


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