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Partnerships, love, and money! 💖💸

Usually, when you’re in a relationship - finances aren’t at the top of your list of things to delve into. In fact, many long-term couples shy away from this dangerous territory.

Discussing money matters 💸 with anyone, let alone your partner, can get awkward, difficult, and sometimes - raise your blood pressure! But we’re here to tell you - once you get financially intimate with your partner, there’s no turning back!

Easier said than done? Possibly! But every journey begins with a first step. So let’s get started ✅

1. In it, to win it - together! ✌️

Step 1: Get to know your individual money personalities. Step 2: Who’s good and bad at what? Budgeting, saving, investing? Step 3: Schedule time on the reg, to have this super-important ‘talk’

2. B for Budgeting! 💰

Love making date-night plans?! 💯 But make it a point to make budget-night plans as well.

Start off by listing out all your fixed expenses - utilities, rent, EMI payments, etc. Then, each of you list out all your personal expenses - gym memberships, personal shopping, travel, etc.

This gives you an idea of where you both stand financially and helps you focus on what matters.

3. Planning loooooooong-term! 📝

Time is of the essence! Which is why you both need to be on the same page when it comes to financial goals - short, medium, and long-term.

Buying a house? Investing in real estate? Detailing your future dependants needs? Yearly vacay?

We hear ya! But we’re hoping you hear us too! 😀

4. The bank account bizness! 💼

You and your partner could try any of these 3 ways of expense sharing:

✔️ What’s yours and mine is ours- Combine incomes and split expenses. Everything goes through a joint account. ✔️ What’s mine remains mine - All expenses are split equally. Each person has their own account. ✔️ Same, but different - A joint account for combined expenses and shared goals. Both of you also have your own personal account.

5. Marriage prep! 🥳

✔️ Talk about the D-word - Debt: Mention any and all debt that you and your partner might have, loans, credit, etc.

✔️ Figure out shared expenses: Sit down with your partner and discuss: How much will each of you contribute to monthly expenses? How much of your income will be shared each month? What’s the emergency fund allocation going to be?

Getting financially intimate with your partner can sure seem daunting. But much like any other aspect of your relationship, it’s best to keep an open mind, communicate, and ensure your goals are aligned - TOGETHER! 💖 And of course, we’re always here to help! 😊