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Power through your card game like a pro! 💪🏼

Does the thought of credit give you the jitters? 😰 Are you unsure about how to make the most of your card?! 🤔

Never fear - because we’ve got some tips, handy here!

1. Always, always pay your bills on time 🧾

Access to credit can be amazing because well — you get to spend anytime, anywhere. But, getting carried away - now that’s another matter altogether. Spend within your limits and DO NOT forget to pay your bills on time. Unpaid bills result in overdue charges, hefty interest rates, a drop in your credit score, and more! If you can’t pay your bill in one go, see if you can convert it into EMI installments.

2. Treat yourself! We’re talking rewards. 🎁

Not going to lie, the best part of having access to cards has to be the rewards! Some offer you airport lounge access, discounts via e-commerce, or cashback. However, a majority of cards are primarily male-centric. Women find themselves having a force-fitted credit experience, within a heavily skewed financial landscape.

3. Onwards and upwards soldier! 🚀

Are you on a mission to build your credit score? Because the easiest way to start doing so is by utilising your card and its features. Making timely payments and transacting consistently can help you bag some much-needed points! You can use this as a stepping stone to creating a solid credit history for yourself. Something which could come in handy if you ever need to take out larger loans (read home or auto), in the future.

4. Don’t push your limits 🎯

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to use your card and not worry about your money getting debited instantly? But don’t get too carried away and bite off more than you can chew. To avoid landing in a sticky situation — set your spending limits. Very important! This could mean total credit limit or daily credit limits.

Have tips of your own to suggest on powering through your credit game? Tell us about it - in the Basis community.