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The Messy Money Matters of Mrs. Maisel

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead!

For the uninitiated, we’ll explain who Mrs Maisel is some other time. For my fellow followers who have been waiting for close to two years, the third season of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ finally released early this December. As most followers did, I ended up watching it overnight.

With all its wonders, this season also unravelled how messed her money matters were.

Abe and Rose Weismann, her wonderful parents, find themselves uprooted from their Upper West Side life: Abe is without a job, and Rose has lost her family trust fund. To add to their woes, their apartment, courtesy of her father’s employer Columbia University is gone. They are forced to live with the Maisels, in highly unpleasant circumstances.

Joel, Midge’s now ex-husband, on the other hand, has purchased a property in Chinatown for his foray into the nightclub business. It turns out there’s an illegal gambling den in the basement, of which he gets to know only after the purchase. Such incidents make me question investments into real estate, which are more often than not, made without researching all aspects involved.

With its misgivings, this season, the true time I felt connected was when Susie, probably the best character on the show finds herself under a mountain of debt due to a gambling addiction and breaks down.

We saw Midge evolve from the serene housewife to a jilted single parent to accidental comedian to blacklisted talent pretty quickly in past two seasons of the show. In this evolution, we were also introduced to the fact that Midge can’t handle her money, and conveniently hands over her cheques to Susie, her chronic gambler of a manager citing the reason that if it’s with her, she will end up spending all that money.

We watch Susie gamble away Midge’s and her share of the money too. She ends up putting her childhood home on fire to claim the insurance, hoping that it will make good the losses. A couple of things here, Midge, a young adult with two children and access to money all her life has no knowledge on how to deal with it. Secondly, Susie has ignored the fact that insurance claim incidents are investigated before a pay-out.

Lesson 1:

Whatever your current financial status, you need to be tuned into how money is earned, saved and spent. Midge’s parents, however, hadn’t been doing an excellent job at managing money which didn’t set a great example here, and if this is what goes into Season 4, she will probably have the same effect on her kids. 

In a fit of misunderstood feminism, her mother gives up on the family trust fund. Then we have her father who gave up on his well-paying job with no money left and lo and behold, they had no emergency funds. 

Lesson 2:

Irrespective of where you are currently, it’s always good to have an emergency fund. Also, you cannot always rely on the male in your family and think that they have it all sorted. Clearly, they don’t, and no lessons to learn there. Midge, in a moment of high emotions, commits to buying back her childhood home, yes, with no knowledge that her bank account is near empty.

Lesson 3:

You can’t spend what you don’t have. Stay clued in on your money because as we say at Basis, your money is your business. From avoiding the fact that she needs to handle her money, it was only inappropriately used. Although Susie didn’t mean to do her harm, Midge is going to be in a tough situation, which brings me to our next lesson. 

Lesson 4:

Your well-wishers should sometimes be just that, well-wishers and not the go-to people for your money. So those uncles, agents and sometimes family members are good to keep at a distance and not close to your money.

If this had been 2019, this might have played out very differently. For starters, there is now an ocean of information and platforms such as Basis that help you get started. You always need to be clued in on your money. No, it’s not a bad thing, and yes, it’s okay to ask those who handle your money, what’s happening there. 

While we wait for Season 4 and how this plays it out story-wise, it would also be useful to see Midge turn money wise.

Do you relate to the money challenges of Mrs Maisel? It’s never too late. You can learn how to take charge of your money and use your savings to achieve your life goals with investing advise on the Basis app. Get started now!

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