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Why should ‘she’ invest?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

by Varsha Kiran

Damn that question.

Especially when ‘he’ is not asked the same, at least not so vociferously. And in today’s age and time, when women are breaking barriers at all levels, does this question seem archaic?

A simple question would have been ‘why should one invest’? But the truth is gender inequality exists in many ways, including the gender investing gap, which we cannot deny. Which points towards the answer to the question ‘why should she invest’?

According to a study by Merrill Lynch, 41% of the women across the globe, wished they had invested more of their money. The very fact that the ‘wished’ comes to play, shows us where we stand today. But as they say, it is never too late. To make choices and to simply ‘live life on our terms’. So, here is why we women should invest-

Built to last

While It is true that women on an average live longer than men, it is ironic that longevity is not usually planned well financially. The primary reason could be a dependency on the partner for the same. While the mindset is shifting and more number of women are becoming financially independent, it is good to not take independence for granted. Be it partner’s money, our money, freelancing or part-time money, as long as we are doing the right thing with the money. Which is saving and investing. Investing money is the only way we can ensure sustained long term wealth growth.

Death and bad luck will do its part

Longevity has its side effects. We just get to see more of life, with its ups and downs. Job loss, death of a loved one, accidents, divorce, terminal illness happen. Though emotionally we can never be fully prepared for it, financially we can and we should. Call it ‘Emergency Fund,’ ‘Walkaway Fund,’ or ‘Secret Fund,’ the idea is to cover our own backs and cover it well by investing our money in a well thought out manner. As the only thing we should be thinking in dire situations is, ‘ how should I cope with this situation,’ and not ‘ how should I source the money?

Financial inclusion

We live in a world of disparity. Gender, colour, pay and wealth. The list can go on. As women, we sometimes need to climb the same ladder, twice as hard to reach the same destination as men. So how do we liberate ourselves from this feeling of being at the receiving end all the time? By making money our strength and not the lack of it as a deal breaker on the negotiating table. Whether the negotiating table is for our careers or relationships.

And investing wisely is that strengthening tool which can give us the leverage to flex our muscles freely. Though we might have a long way to go in terms of achieving financial equality, a step in the right direction is a step forward.

Asli wealth is health

With rising healthcare costs and the early onset of lifestyle diseases, insulating ourselves financially for medical expenditure has become imperative today. Make a start, whether it is taking a health insurance cover, or investing in a separate fund earmarked, the sooner the better. Let the financial cushions soften the blow as much as possible.

Covering the breaks and new choices

Late marriages, motherhood, career break for child-rearing or higher studies, the empowered and informed choices we are making today are shaping our tomorrows. And what better fuel than the investing fuel to aid these decisions, without having to hinge on anyone apart from ourselves. Self-sufficiency can be that liberating.

And our biggest and most powerful tool to shape our lives according to our plans is our capacity to not only earn money but to create and compound it into wealth.  Once you know how critical it is to invest, find a platform that can understand your financial realities as a woman. At Basis, we are on a mission to ensure that women are empowered and informed to make the money decisions that are right for them. With unique curated content and guided investing experience, we want to make personal finance and investing accessible and inclusive for the Indian woman.

To learn more about money management, discuss all things money with a community of financially independent women and get investment advise, sign-up for Basis now. India’s only personal finance platform focussed on women.

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