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Your iPhone just got smarter. Financially smarter. Introducing Basis, on iOS

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We believe that every woman should be in charge of her finances. Every woman should take control of her own life. And every woman should have the option of finding financial independence.

Basis has been successful creating a safe space for women with the Basis app on Android. With thousands of women from across the country on the app and over 19 learning modules (and counting), Basis is the app that every modern woman needs.

But there’s more!

We’re now bringing the Basis app to you on iOS!

Now get all the financial updates that are important and relevant, right on your phone.

Join exclusive communities and become a part of inspiring discussions!

Never stop learning with updated Learning Modules, brought to you short, crisp and jargon-free!

Life is a lot better when you make financially informed decisions. At Basis, we’re committed to helping you achieve that and no matter where you are in your financial journey, we make it a lot more supportive!

Download the Basis app here!

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